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Why Tech Support Needs ChoiceView

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    A guest article by Dr. Theresa Szczurek, former CIO / Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Information Technology for the State of Colorado.

Can you imagine the millions and millions of tech support calls that occur daily? Even though online websites try to help, phone calls are not going away. Some of these calls require complex, personal interactions. However, many are simple and could be solved via an appropriate automated system. Unfortunately, they’re not.

Password reset is the most common reason that customers call tech support. Sometimes customers can handle password reset at a website, but often they call. These calls can consume a lot of tech support time, often keeping other callers waiting for live support. But customers can easily change their password, without live help, when they call a company with ChoiceView®. With a ChoiceView Visual IVR / Visual Chatbot, a company can deflect calls from support reps while providing more efficient customer service. Rather than just hearing options to route their call, customers discover that ChoiceView can actually solve their problem.

Consider this tech support situation. To change her password, a customer calls tech support from her smartphone. Instead of hearing a long voice prompt, she immediately selects the option to interact visually. She now sees and hears menu options and responses. She enters her ID to authenticate her account. She taps her location and language preference. She selects from the menu, then resets her password on the next screen. As a result, the call is contained in the ChoiceView Visual IVR and the customer is pleased to quickly and securely reset her password 24/7, without waiting for a live rep.

Benefits of Visual IVR / Visual Chatbot

    1. Password resets and many other tech support issues are completed without a live rep, saving time and money.

    2. Other customers with more complex problems obtain live tech support more quickly and spend less time waiting for a rep.

    3. Customers interact with a ChoiceView Visual IVR by both hearing / seeing and speaking / tapping.

    4. ChoiceView combines AI, machine learning, and enhanced voice processing with the power of visual menus, forms, and responses. It’s the best of both worlds and the way customers prefer to interact.

    5. Deployment is easy since ChoiceView resides directly in the IVR’s call script, thus preserving the existing IVR’s native environment and eliminating the need for an ancillary server. ChoiceView works with most existing IVRs.

Contact Radish and find out why a large, global telecommunications supplier has this to say about Radish’s ChoiceView for technical support, “ChoiceView Visual IVR is a different way to provide support. We want to deflect calls from live agents. This is amazing. ChoiceView gets maximum points for its solution, especially for password reset.”

Dr. Richard A. Davis

Dr. Davis’ personal mission for two decades has been the improvement of consumer and business transactions using voice/data technologies. In 1990, he co-founded Radish Communications Systems Inc. to invent, develop, and pioneer a new modem protocol for sending data during ordinary phone calls.

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