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Why ChoiceView?

ChoiceView is a new kind of voice-and-visual phone call positioned between a voice-only call and a videoconference. It delivers an enhanced user experience on the types of calls we make everyday without the fear and trepidation of a video call.


ChoiceView works with any phone and any network. It doesn’t require installing an app, so it works with first-time callers. It doesn’t even require a smartphone. It’s inherently compatible with phone endpoints worldwide. It works with automated and live agents in contact centers. Shouldn’t we expect this voice-and-visual capability on the routine calls we make?


See how ChoiceView adds a visual dimension to Amazon Connect.

For Businesses
  • ChoiceView adds a visual layer to a phone call — any phone call.
  • Improves the user experience — a top priority for businesses, especially during COVID.
  • Users understand 6X better when both seeing and hearing information.
  • Users navigate 4X to 5X faster with visual menus and directories.
  • Improves agent communication with users and reduces errors.
  • Increased first-call resolution rate and increased call containment.
  • Decreased call abandonment, decreased costs / increased revenues.
  • Businesses gain a competitive edge.
For End Users
  • Users start with the familiarity and comfort level of a phone call.
  • No mobile app is required.
  • Enjoy the benefits of ubiquitous, standardized “voice and visual” phone calls.
  • Can interact with phonebots and IVRs via visual menus and visual responses.
  • Can visually interact with human beings without the fear and trepidation of video call setup or Zoom fatigue.
  • Are more likely to engage with companies that offer this customer experience.

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David Holland - 2-1-1 and Contact Center Manager - Mile High United Way:
Digital Transformation of 2-1-1 Calls

"We're pleased to collaborate with Radish Systems to offer 2-1-1 callers an easy way to see and hear COVID-19 related information and other critical resources. It's really helpful for smartphone callers to be able to see and access relevant information visually. Callers can then save that information on their device and have it available for quick reference next time, without even making a call."