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The Omni-channel Platform Bridging Telephone & Internet Worlds

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    Phone Systems
    Visual IVRTM

  • ChoiceView Enables
    to Seamlessly
    Share Visuals
    with Mobile and Browser Users

  • Unite
    Visuals with Voice
    for B2C
    Mobile Communications

  • Maximize
    Mobile User Experience
    Visuals + Voice

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Show & Tell MeTM

For Businesses
  • Improve Service and Support
  • Increase Sales and Retention
  • Improve Profitability with Reduced Costs

Show & Tell MeTM

For Mobile and Browser Users
  • Improve User Experience
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Make Life Easier
  • Build Loyalty

ChoiceView® Helps Organizations With. . .

ChoiceView® from Radish Systems Is a New Kind of Phone Call

It starts with the comfort of a regular phone call. It’s not as intimidating as a videoconference.

  • Radish Systems develops, sells, and supports ChoiceView — a disruptive, patented, highly scalable “Communications as a Service” (CaaS) platform. It allows automated and live agents to share visual information with end users during phone calls and chat sessions.
  • ChoiceView delivers “voice and visual” customer transactions and allows businesses to increase revenues, reduce costs, enhance customer engagement, and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Radish provides a variety of products on this platform, including: visual IVR systems, visual phonebots, visual chatbots, visual dashboards for live agents, and mobile and web apps for end users.
  • Developers can also build on the ChoiceView platform via APIs, a Lambda function and a Software Developers Kit (SDK).
  • ChoiceView starts with the familiarity of a phone call. It works with first-time callers without a mobile app. It works with smartphones as well as any phone and separate computer or tablet. It preserves voice quality without needing a broadband connection. It’s inherently compatible with phones and business phone systems.
  • ChoiceView powers automated systems as well as live agents and other end points. It’s used to create talking websites and produce phone calls that behave as smart speakers with visuals. End users can engage with tappable menus and interactive forms.
  • Check out the ChoiceView solution. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how simple it is to deploy and use. ChoiceView is dramatically and easily enhancing customer engagement. “Now I see what you’re talking about!”™

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David Holland - 2-1-1 and Contact Center Manager - Mile High United Way:
Digital Transformation of 2-1-1 Calls

"We're pleased to collaborate with Radish Systems to offer 2-1-1 callers an easy way to see and hear COVID-19 related information and other critical resources. It's really helpful for smartphone callers to be able to see and access relevant information visually. Callers can then save that information on their device and have it available for quick reference next time, without even making a call."