Monthly Archives: Excerpts from January 2011

Obama Calls for ChoiceView Technology

Obama Calls for ChoiceView Technology to Share Visual Info during Mobile Call, “It’s about a firefighter who can download the design of a burning building onto a handheld device.” President Obama could have had Radish’s ChoiceView in mind, because ChoiceView is available now.

Radish™ ChoiceView™ in Scosche PRO App at CES

See smartphone-based customer support in the cloud. Contact Radish at 720-440-7560 or look for Radish rep by Scosche booth #1409, North Hall at CES.

Scosche Debuts Next Gen of Mobile Customer Support with ChoiceView

Radish’s customer, Scosche Industries, announced its Scosche PRO App with ChoiceView allowing automotive accessory installers to see diagrams while they talk to Scosche support. Visit Scosche booth 1409, North Hall at CES for a demo.