The ChoiceView App

Share Visual Information during a Phone Call

The ChoiceView App is the basic display mechanism for callers, allowing them to interact visually during calls with automated phone systems, live agents, and individuals. It’s a browser-based web app, so no mobile app is required to be installed. It therefore works with first-time callers.

The App is launched during a call or from a website or mobile app. The process is similar to multifactor authentication. The App itself is a container that displays active HTML and JavaScript content supplied from the other side of the call. As such, it supports most any visual material, including interactive forms and menus. Equally important, when a business changes its customer interface, no change is required in the App. The App allows display and saving of discrete pages received during the session, for example, a prescription. It provides an easy web-based integration in 3rd-party mobile apps.

Studies published in Brain Rules show that both seeing and hearing information improves problem solving and recall by more than 600 percent over just hearing it!

“Sharing visual information during a voice call greatly enhances learning, understanding, and memory. With ChoiceView, you will achieve communication and learning objectives in less time with greater impact.”
    — Steven Peskin, MD, FACP, EVP and Chief Medical Officer, Horizon Healthcare

One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

When you see and hear information at the same time, transactions are easier, faster, and more rewarding. For example, an employee calls his employer’s ChoiceView-enabled contracted nurse about continued knee pain that keeps him from working. The nurse sends visuals and explains his condition as osteoarthritis [1], exercises he should do at home [2], and previously-prescribed meds he should take [3]. He saves the visuals to allow for subsequent reference.

By both talking about and seeing the information via his easily accessible smartphone, the employee quickly understands his condition and its remedies. He also receives the encouragement to adhere to the prescribed regimen. He does the exercises, takes the medications, and is quickly back to work. The employer is satisfied with reduced absenteeism and improved productivity.




Save Time and Increase Conversion Rates

Smart device users often either abandon mobile web sessions altogether or need assistance with completing a transaction. By clicking the ChoiceView link on the website, the user’s previous browsing history is captured and delivered to an agent. The agent can intelligently answer the call without having the user repeat themselves or start over from scratch. By quickly providing helpful visual information, the transaction can get closed out quickly, resulting in a sale instead of a customer that abandons.

For example, while viewing a mobile website catalog, an account manager of a public relations firm has settled on a flower arrangement to congratulate a client. She finds entering credit card information on her phone to be cumbersome. She taps the ChoiceView link and is immediately connected to a representative who reviews the current order information. Using ChoiceView, the agent suggests and shows the caller different arrangements and complimentary products [1]. As a result, she selects an upgraded package. The representative closes out the sale and sends a purchase confirmation [2]. The account manager is pleased with her purchase, the client is delighted with the gift, the flower company captured a sale it may have lost, and the entire transaction took mere minutes to complete. Expect another order from this happy customer!