Radish Communications Systems, Inc. (RCS) was founded in 1990 in Boulder, CO by Dr. Richard A. Davis and Dr. Theresa M. Szczurek. At that time, Radish developed and pioneered a modem protocol allowing data to be transmitted during an ordinary phone call. The protocol was licensed in 1994 by Microsoft, Intel, Rockwell International, and dozens of other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). It became the defacto industry standard and was shipping as a part of the Windows operating system and more than 90% of off-the-shelf PCs, modems, and chip sets.

Radish products for contact centers and IVR systems were used by 1-800-Flowers, American Airlines, Blockbuster Music, Delta Airlines, Citibank, Wells Fargo, and a host of other companies to improve the efficiency and value of transactions with customers. Its products were also used by PC makers such as Sony, Packard Bell, Acer, Hewlett Packard, and others to enhance technical support.

In 1996, Radish was purchased by a public company that incorporated Radish’s technology and protocol in its product line.

The New Radish

In 2009 the original RCS founders launched Radish Systems to develop an innovative new software product called ChoiceView™. This new product is revolutionizing how people use their mobile devices to buy products, receive complex information, conduct business, and obtain customer support or technical assistance. Being environmentally conscious with a value of sustainability, we are recycling and reusing the name Radish.

Why Name a Company Radish?

Just as a radish is a zesty complement to your salad, Radish Systems supplements your communications platter enhancing transactions with mobile device users. The company name is also built from the co-founders names, Richard A. Davis, known as the RAD, and Theresa Szczurek, who has become known as the ISH for ‘including Szczurek happily.’