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In this example, a patient calls a hospital, interacts with a ChoiceView visual IVR, and then transfers to a nurse who continues visual sharing. The visual IVR is Amazon Connect with a ChoiceView Lambda function in the call script. The nurse uses ChoiceView Agent for sharing visual information with the patient as discrete forms and pages that can be individually saved by the patient for future reference.

About ChoiceView

At Radish, we believe that smartphones aren’t just for talking or for browsing the Internet. We believe they’re for communicating. One of the best ways to communicate is to combine voice and visual information. ChoiceView fills the gap between an ordinary phone call and a videoconference, eliminating the fear and trepidation of a video call, while providing the comfort level of a phone call. Shouldn’t we expect this voice-and-visual capability on the routine phone calls we make?

1. ChoiceView App

The ChoiceView App is the basic display mechanism for callers, allowing them to interact visually during calls with automated phone systems, live agents, and individuals. It’s browser based, so no mobile app is required and it works with first-time callers. It works with any phone call, including the phone app on mobile devices, landlines, Alexa, Skype, Zoom Phone, Google Hangouts, and others. Read more.

2. ChoiceView Live Agent

ChoiceView Live Agent is the dashboard used by doctors, hotline staff, help desk personnel, and contact center agents. It allows visual information available on the agent’s desktop to be shared with clients. It includes a visual library of materials for the designated use case. Agents can access the library or click, drag-and-drop, or copy-and-paste from other source materials on their desktop. Read more.

3. ChoiceView Visual IVRs and Phonebots

Radish provides visual IVRs and phonebots based on customer requirements and built on voice platforms from Amazon Connect, Twilio, Avaya, and other systems. ChoiceView adds a visual dimension to these voice-only systems, allowing visual menus, visual responses, interactive forms, and active content to be delivered during a phone call. Visuals improve the user experience — a top priority for businesses, especially during COVID. Read more.

4. ChoiceView Developer Tools

Radish provides ChoiceView tools for developers to visually enhance existing IVRs, phonebots, and other voice systems. It’s a new kind of building block to create a voice-and-visual experience for callers. It’s a data platform as a service (DPaaS), that becomes active during a phone call and provides a secure data connection for enhanced feature development. Read more. Learn about ChoiceView for Amazon Connect.