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ChoiceView Full-Length Demo
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At Radish, we believe that smartphones aren’t just for talking or for browsing the net. We believe they are for communicating – and one of the best ways to communicate is to combine voice and visual information. When you see and hear information, comprehension and recall are greatly improved.

ChoiceView allows organizations and callers to experience “Wow, now I see what you’re talking about!” moments in mobile customer service with Visual IVR solutions and visual live assistance. ChoiceView consists of:

The ChoiceView App

A user can access our visual IVR solutions and visual live assistance through any phone and the ChoiceView Web App, requiring no download, on any browser in a smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac. Or a user can download the mobile app from the Apple or Android app store.

The ChoiceView App allows callers during an ordinary mobile customer service call to receive visual information in a smartphone OR Internet browser. When you call a ChoiceView-enabled business, you simultaneously view material sent to you during the phone or chat call.

The ChoiceView Live Agent

ChoiceView Live Agent allows representatives to share visual information with users during phone calls and chat sessions. The business-side companion to the ChoiceView App for smart mobile device or browser users, Live Agent (now available in Browser and Windows software editions) offers a full range of features and benefits for contact center reps and individual PC users. It simplifies technical support, mobile customer service, online ordering, and complex information transactions.

The ChoiceView IVR

The ChoiceView Visual IVR solution allows visual menus (in addition to simultaneous voice) to be delivered to a smartphone or any browser screen when the user calls into the Interactive Voice Response system. Instead of only listening to a long audio listing of options that may not suit the user’s needs, the caller can quickly see and tap their way through the visual menu, downloading information as necessary.

How ChoiceView Works:

Users launch the ChoiceView visual IVR solution directly via a phone call from the ChoiceView-enabled enterprise’s website or mobile app. Users participate in the call while viewing order forms, diagrams, maps, photos, videos or just about any visual sent by an agent or Interactive Voice Response (Visual IVR) system. In the business, a visual live agent, who handles customer or technical service inquiries, receives the call on the ChoiceView Live Agent screen. When the caller needs more information, the agent simply drags and drops a photo, diagram, or video into the caller’s window. The user instantly sees what the agent just sent and they can talk about it in a more productive context.

ChoiceView can also present Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus in a visual format. When users call they instantly see what choices they have and select their option by tapping their screen. And, yes – the Visual IVR solution can send images when more information is requested, receive visual inputs from callers, and transfer the session to a website.

ChoiceView is the means by which you increase customer and employee comprehension – and when comprehension increases, so do sales and profits. Try it now

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