Best Healthcare IVR Technology

Radish Systems’ ChoiceView platform has been awarded the Best 2018 Healthcare IVR Technology by the Global Health & Pharma Technology Awards. In healthcare situations a phone call is essential. ChoiceView allows patients to make and receive calls as usual, but also allows them to interact with visuals during the call -- on their phone without using a mobile app!

AARP 50+ Innovation Leader

'Dosecast with ChoiceView' was selected as one of the healthcare industry's 50+ Innovation Leaders, an AARP initiative administered by MedCityNews to recognize entrepreneurs, companies and ideas behind innovative new products and services for Americans aged 50 and older. ChoiceView is included in the enterprise version of Dosecast to create an app that provides mobile medication adherence and live visual assistance for patients.

Colorado Impact Days

Radish was selected one of the top 60 Social Ventures of Colorado in 2016 for its impact on improving health, improving patient care, and reducing costs. Radish was honored at the inaugural Colorado Impact Days conference.

2015 Digital Health Challenge

The 2015 Digital Health Challenge, powered by $150,000 from the Colorado Health Foundation ( and run by Prime Health of Colorado (, brought together leading healthcare organizations and digital health entrepreneurial ventures with the goal of matching organizations to pilot new products, especially to help safety net institution. Radish Systems won offers to deploy ChoiceView with two Colorado healthcare firms.

CUSTOMER 2014 Product of the Year Award

TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named ChoiceView Visual IVR as CUSTOMER 2014 Product of the Year Award winner. ChoiceView Visual IVRs ease the pain of customers interacting with frustrating automated phone systems (aka Interactive Voice Response systems or IVRs) and speed callers to resolution by sharing easy to understand visual content, like navigation menus and photos, during the call.

Communication Tech Pros and TiE Rockies, Ascent Award

The Ascent Award celebrates the achievement of Entreprenurial Technologies in Colorado. Radish Systems won the award with the ChoiceView product for easing consumer pain of interacting with automated voice response systems.

Mobile CON, Fast Pitch sponsored by the CTIA - The Wireless Association

The CTIA is a widely recognized organization in the Wireless communication field. Every year, the CTIA awards the best pitch at their MobileCON to the most innovative and up and coming start-up in the mobile communications industry. Radish Systems was able to take home this award for their ground-breaking product, ChoiceView.

Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine, Product of the Year

In 2011, Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine, highlighted Radish System's accomplishments with their innovative product, ChoiceView. The award was given to Radish for eliminating miscommunication from the business to the consumer.

Innovation Quotient, Boulder County Business Report

The Boulder County Business Report has recognized many great innovators and start up communities in the local area of Boulder County, Colorado. Radish Systems has been given this Innovation Quotient award in the business product and services field for their ChoiceView Interactive Visual Response System.

Enterprise Connect

Radish Systems was selected as a Innovation Showcase Winner at the prominent Enterprise Connect trade show for the ChoiceView, voice with visuals platform.