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National 211 Day

February 11th is National 211 Day. This day is set aside to celebrate 211 call center teams and their work connecting their communities to thousands of programs, services, and information.

United Way Menu

Radish salutes all the 211 providers for the care and support they provide to those needing help. We’re pleased that our ChoiceView® technology allows Mile High United Way to provide voice-to-visual navigation on 211 calls.

Callers can quickly see and hear information such as emergency shelter locations, food resources, COVID-19 testing locations, and more. This information is too complex to be conveyed in a standard voice-only call, but it’s easy to understand in a voice-and-visual call. Callers don’t need a mobile app or broadband connection, so it works the first time. Visual information can be saved on the device.

Learn more about Mile High United Way’s use of ChoiceView to enhance its 211 service.

ChoiceView Benefits

ChoiceView allows businesses and organizations to convey information in a smarter and more efficient way. It’s better than a voice call and less intimidating than a video conference. It’s easy to deploy, use, enhance, and maintain. It’s positioned for wide adoption worldwide in many industries with killer applications such as customer service, e-commerce, telehealth, technical support, and more.

Ideal Use Cases for ChoiceView

1. Customers are presented with complicated and time-consuming menus.
2. They’re frustrated by an unmanageable stream of voice responses.
3. They’d like to enter text information during a phone call.
4. They need help in absorbing and retaining complex information.
5. Businesses want more calls contained in automated systems.
6. Accessibility and CX improvements are required.

Learn more about ChoiceView and 211 voice-to-visual navigation. Please spread the word. Contact Radish to learn more and see ChoiceView in action!

Dr. Richard A. Davis

Dr. Davis’ personal mission for two decades has been the improvement of consumer and business transactions using voice/data technologies. In 1990, he co-founded Radish Communications Systems Inc. to invent, develop, and pioneer a new modem protocol for sending data during ordinary phone calls.

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