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Silence the Screams – EASE the PAIN with Visual IVR!

How many times have you felt like screaming when you got a long IVR…interactive voice response…menu when you called a business? Well lots of people do scream and lots hang up, too! Of course businesses use them to ‘help’ callers while saving human and time resources, but are probably losing customers and cash. They’re especially losing mobile callers, who are often in a rush and anxious to use fewer mobile minutes to conduct a business transaction.

Although intended to improve customer satisfaction, a survey taken by Amplicate in 2010 found that 88% of people hate IVRs. Not dislike, but hate.

YOU can help  transform hated traditional IVRs with Radish ChoiceView Visual IVR.   Join the discussion.

Tell us about your frustrating or funny experience with a company’s IVR or add a comment about IVRs in general.  Your comments may appear on our website and may be quoted, using your first name only.  Thank you for leaving leaving a comment below…

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