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Mobile Commerce Challenges

American customers are adopting mobile technology at a rate that significantly eclipses other technology adoption curves. This mobile explosion is increasing their expectations about the ease of communicating with business. Wherever they are located, customers (consumers and technicians) want business transactions to be easy, fast, and accurate. They demand that product, service, and technical information be available when and where it is most relevant to their lifestyles and work situations.

But customers are increasingly frustrated with the inability of customer or technical support to respond meaningfully to their inquiries and problems. Many consumers simply abandon shopping carts mid-stream as critical questions on pricing, quality or product choice go unanswered. They are frustrated with poor technical support that doesn’t resolve their problems. These issues, often the result of inadequate live agent or interactive voice response (IVR) systems, result in lost sales, customer retention, and damage to corporate brands. Companies must respond to this demand by providing a vastly improved mobile ecommerce solution.

ChoiceView Solution

ChoiceView includes Live Agent and/or visual IVR software that’s installed in multichannel contact centers and a free app that customers use on smartphones or browsers of PCs, Macs, and tablets. Through ChoiceView, customers verbally interact with the agent or IVR while seeing visual information such as products, venues, maps, diagrams, photos, and documents.

“Now I see what you’re talking about!”

The following screen shots show an example of visuals that customers see on their mobile devices while interacting with a ChoiceView-enabled web florist.

While viewing a mobile website catalog, a customer settles on a flower arrangement to congratulate a client on recent media coverage. She finds entering credit card information on her phone to be cumbersome. She taps the ChoiceView app on her smartphone and is immediately connected to a customer service representative who reviews the current order information.

Using ChoiceView’s mobile solutions for ecommerce call centers, the rep suggests and shows the caller several bouquets and complementary products. As a result, the customer selects an upgraded arrangement. The rep quickly completes the sale and sends a purchase confirmation document.

The customer is pleased with her transaction, her client is delighted with the gift, and the florist captured and upgraded a sale it may have lost. The entire transaction took mere minutes to complete. Expect another order from this happy customer!

ChoiceView visual IVR and live assistance solutions have the potential to greatly improve mobile commerce. By allowing mobile device and browser users to receive visual information during an ordinary phone call with a multichannel contact center a representative or interactive voice response system (IVR), ChoiceView provides faster information exchange, reduces the large online shopping abandonment rate, and offers up-selling opportunities. I successfully worked with the Radish team during its 1.0 days and added a new and innovative dimension to the e-commerce efforts at 1-800-FLOWERS. Today, they are doing it again for m-commerce. With ChoiceView, mobile business transactions are getting even better!Donna M. Iucolano, Founder and Principal, Spinach Candy, LLC

With both voice and visual communication, ChoiceView provides better understanding, increases mobile sales, retains customers, increases IVR call containment, and improves customer support.

ChoiceView M-Commerce Applications

ChoiceView mobile visual IVR and visual live assistance solutions enable ecommerce call centers to leverage these consumer trends to their advantage. Some examples:

M-Commerce Issues


ChoiceView Solution

Customer Understanding Consumer needs more information about prod- ucts/services to make purchase decisions. Customer sees images of product/service specifi- cations on a mobile device during a conversation with the representative.
Retail Mobile Transactions Customer’s questions regarding transaction (delivery, terms, commitment) are unanswered, resulting in check-out abandonment. Rep or IVR instantly sends images of transaction information to mobile customer and completes the sale.
Customer Up-sell Customer is open to spending more to purchase a more suitable product/service. Rep sends images of next level of product/ service to customer while explaining the addi- tional features and benefits.
Customer Support Consumer or technician can’t find the infor- mation necessary to operate or use the product/ service. Rep or IVR sends the customer visuals showing the installation or operation procedures during the call for efficient, accurate resolution.
Branding Interactive voice response (IVR) system, with long voice menus and insufficient information, creates a negative image of the company. Visual IVR solution sends visual menus and clear information that improves customer transaction and percep- tion of the corporate brand.
Customer Satisfaction Verbal interaction with the company doesn’t resolve the complex problem or answer the questions. Multichannel contact center customer support rep sends specific images that help resolve the problem and answer questions quickly on the first call.

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