What people are saying about Radish Systems and ChoiceView!

“We’re pleased to collaborate with Radish Systems to offer 2-1-1 callers an easy way to see and hear shelter information, whenever we’re unable to answer the phone live. Nearly 45% of after-hours callers choose to use the ChoiceView Visual IVR to receive emergency shelter information. It’s really helpful for smartphone callers who often have no way to write down the information. They can quickly see menu options, then automatically transfer to the 2-1-1 website for detailed shelter locations.”

David Holland

2-1-1 and Contact Center Manager – Mile High United Way

“The ChoiceView Visual IVR was shown to me at the Voxeo Summit this year and it is impressive. I can see the value for our mobile callers to quickly navigate through our Voxeo IVR with the tappable buttons on their smart device screen, then transfer to a live CSR who sees the transaction history and continues the visual exchange during the call. It will be a seamless omni-channel customer experience that mobile callers expect and can have today.”

Aaron Oboh

Senior Manager – Enterprise Systems Architect – Freelancers Union

“Radish Systems’ ChoiceView Visual IVR is a true ‘voice with visuals’ mobile communications, over-the-top enhancement.  As one of Avaya’s largest global channel partners, NACR is excited to see the ChoiceView Visual IVR implementation on the Avaya Aura Experience and Voice Portal, because it will help businesses and their callers move to faster, less expensive self-service with an enhanced user experience.”

Mike Lamb

Director – Contact Center Solutions – NACR

“INI was happy to assist Radish Systems in their integration with the Avaya Experience Portal. We believe their ChoiceView Visual IVR technology will provide additional benefits to the self-service market.”

Chuck Van Meter

President – Interactive Northwest, Inc.

“ChoiceView is the means by which you increase customer and employee comprehension – and when comprehension increases, so do sales and profits.”

Thomas Trunnell

National Director of Business Development of a leading CTI and IVR company

“ChoiceView is very exciting because it delivers the next evolution in vendor/caller communications by tying customer care with smart mobile devices. ChoiceView immediately and dramatically improves the customer service experience. And it makes so much sense as everyone “looks” at their phones today as often as they talk through it. The eye is so much faster than the ear, but by combining the two, there is unlimited scope of possibilities. Additionally ChoiceView solves a long standing security problem by plugging the phone directly to the application. Using ChoiceView, the customer can enter a credit card number directly to an application, without an agent ever seeing it. That solution has been sought for years. ChoiceView offers real ROI to vendors and customers alike and can become the de-facto standard for Visual IVR. With ChoiceView, Radish brings the next paradigm shift to the telephone industry and customer service.”

Rick Owens

Business & Technology Leader,  formerly with companies that include: United Airlines, Alpine Access, Teletech, and Convergys

“The new Show Me feature in our apps allows ticket brokers to chat or talk with a user through the app, but more importantly to show venue maps and seat views remotely while the buyer watches. Show Me will dramatically increase close ratios and provide a level of service not seen in any apps released to date. Mobile Ticket App supports over 175 ticket brokers, and we have received feedback that suggests ticket brokers with a call center would like to have the ability to help their clients make ticket purchasing decisions while on the road.”

Mark Hunter

Senior Vice President, Mobile Ticket App

“Imagine that a buyer calls in or contacts us through the app and is looking for tickets. We can show them options and seats views through our app to help them find the best seats for their price range. The Show Me feature in our StubNut.com app powered by Mobile Ticket App and ChoiceView was a no brainer for us. We now have the ability to remotely support buyers with talk / chat and visuals so buyers can easily make a decision on what tickets they want to buy. We can simply drag and drop images of venue maps and seat views that we believe will help us close more, higher value business.”

Rachel Nutt

Vice President of Sales, StubNut.com

“We welcome Radish Systems to our integrated contact center applications portfolio. Radish ChoiceView mobile applications offer contact centers additional options to service their customers and provide a unique way for clients to interact through live visual communications. We are partnering with Radish to offer a unique solution for our contact center customers. Visual IVR provides a unique experience for smartphone users and maps caller behavior to business processes.”

Monica Tarr

Contact Center Consulting Practice Director, SPS

“ChoiceView is interesting technology. I like providing visuals to the end user and having the end users provide a visual, such as a photo, back to the company. I am impressed with your business model. You are the only company I know who is really solving the frustration of using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. ChoiceView definitely solves a BIG problem.”

Amit D. Chowdhry


“ChoiceView has the potential to greatly improve mobile commerce. By allowing mobile device users to receive visual information during an ordinary phone call with a representative or interactive voice response system (IVR), ChoiceView provides faster information exchange, reduces the large online shopping abandonment rate, and offers up-selling opportunities. I successfully worked with the Radish team during its 1.0 days and added a new and innovative dimension to the e-commerce efforts at 1-800-FLOWERS. Today, they are doing it again for m-commerce. With ChoiceView, mobile business transactions are getting even better!”

Donna M. Iucolano

Founder and Principal, Spinach Candy, LLC

“Radish ChoiceView has an interesting proposition as a way to increase the value of the mobile channel to reach customers. I like the philosophy behind ChoiceView – to join a voice connection with a data connection thereby allowing simultaneous voice and visual sharing with the current infrastructure. There is potential in both B2B and B2C space in line with the growing interest in Unified Communications, and it fits well with the trend to mobile self-care. I can see many applications including mobile-commerce, financial services, insurance – anywhere there is a need for fast and accurate information delivery to people on-the-go. You don’t see a lot of this approach amongst other companies.”

Chris Marsh

Senior Analyst, Enterprise Mobility, Yankee Group

“With the Scosche PRO App with ChoiceView, automotive electronics accessory installers can be on their backs under car dashboards and get challenging installation jobs done better, cheaper and faster without the hassle of navigating a phone tree or leaving the car to get on a desktop computer or retrieve a fax. With the Scosche PRO App, (with ChoiceView) an installer simply pushes the ‘Talk to Scosche’ button on a smartphone and begins speaking with a support person while downloading visual instructions, schematics and wiring diagrams.””This will mean tremendous productivity gains for the auto accessory industry.”

Kas Alves

Executive Vice President, Scosche Industries

“ChoiceView provides tremendous value. Radish is the only company doing it. I can envision many applications because ChoiceView is incredibly universal. This is exciting technology.”

Betsy Barbeau

Chief Science Officer, Healthrageous

“I can see how ChoiceView will increase our productivity and attract more patients to our dental practice. ChoiceView compliments our other marketing and technology efforts.”

Dr. Dale Deines

Managing Partner, Arden Dental Group, Arden, NC

“Radish Systems – These folks have developed an enterprise system that allows for concurrent voice and data so that customer service reps can send data and images to field workers to assist them with how to solve problems or fix equipment.”

J. Gerry Purdy

Ph.D., Principal Analyst with MobileTrax

“ChoiceView has the potential to be a very disruptive technology. The product is intuitive and highly useful. When using ChoiceView, my ability to understand conveyed information increased substantially. Additionally, the Radish team gives me confidence in its ability to achieve results.”

James Hathorn

Managing Director – University of Colorado Deming Center Venture Fund

“We are excited to be supporting ChoiceView in our Call Center Operations. As a global provider of services to companies desiring to transparently extend their tech support and customer service organizations, we understand that the ability to not only talk, but also share visual information at the same time with a caller will greatly enhance the end user experience and serve to build customer loyalty. We expect ChoiceView to be the next big win for tech support and look forward to sharing it with our customers.”

Gary Bradley

President/CEO, Synergon Solutions, Inc.

“Sharing visual information during a voice call greatly enhances learning, understanding, and memory. With ChoiceView you achieve communication and learning objectives in less time with greater impact.”

Steven Peskin

MD, MBA, FACP, and EVP and Chief Medical Officer, MediMedia, Inc.

“ChoiceView is a tiger by the tail. There is great potential here. ChoiceView can totally transform customer service calls.”

Dale Radcliff

Senior Partner, Competitive Advantage Group

“Radish’s technology is big. I like it a lot. It is an awesome business app. Super cool!”

Julian Farrior

CEO, Back Flip Studios

ChoiceView’s value proposition is based on delivering efficiencies in the Contact Center. It can:

  • cut 10-15% off of average call handling time,
  • increase revenue by at least 10-15% for transactions involving up-selling or cross-selling opportunities,
  • reduce the number of repeat calls due to collection of correct and complete data, and
  • build loyalty, because once users have ChoiceView they will choose to do business with a ChoiceView-enabled company.”

Chuck Blumenkamp

with 29 years experience running centers for Verizon, Contel, and GTE

“The Gold Mobile Software-as-a-Service solution is integrated with ChoiceView™, a Communications-as-a-Service solution, and together they provide a world class consumer engagement and CRM system.”

Bob Gold

CEO Gold Mobile

“Interactive Voice Response [IVR] systems are currently a pain point for many people. Radish’s ChoiceView solution recognizes that the devices we call from have more capabilities than touch-tone. ChoiceView reclaims IVR for a new Interactive Visual Response system – totally transforming the experience. ChoiceView also allows live or automated agents to interact with the mobile device caller.”

Dave Michels

Principal Consultant of Verge1 and Director of the Innovation Showcase, Enterprise Connect 2011 show

“The ChoiceView application has the potential to revolutionize the manner in which businesses interact with their customers and potential customers. This technology can benefit many different departments in an organization. From the marketing department to the call center operations; ChoiceView is a tool that combines and coordinates the audio input (phone call) with the visual input (web pages, pictures, & more) for an interactive experience that is the way of the future.

Advanced Information Systems (AIS) is excited about the opportunity to integrate ChoiceView into our Video Receptionist 2.0 solution. Offering ChoiceView as an add-on option to the Video Receptionist Platform will give our customer base a hybrid platform that surpasses all previous versions.”

Frank Yoder

President, Advanced Information Systems, Inc. (AIS)

“Radish 1.0 was 20 years ahead of its time with its integrated voice/data offering. Now with ChoiceView, Radish has introduced one of the most innovative offerings I have seen in the last five years in the Call Center industry. Way to go, Radish! Enterprises need this solution.”

Rich Tehrani

CEO, TMC (Technology Marketing Corporation)

“Radish System’s ChoiceView software creates a breakthrough integration between the contact center and mobile devices. The visual screen push technology saves time for callers and agents while delivering a richer interactive user experience.”

John Stepp

Free Tech Consultants

“ChoiceView is a cool idea. It seems so straightforward and obvious. There are all these intelligent devices, but the rest of the telephony infrastructure has not kept up to utilize them. ChoiceView is a great step forward. I feel the value proposition is quite apparent – to see visual information while talking is valuable. I usually have a ‘ba hum bug’ attitude toward some of the new innovations. But ChoiceView is great.”

Hyoun Park

Aberdeen Group

“Fixing the IVR pain. ChoiceView is good for customers as well as enterprises. It helps with customer retention and upsell.”

Gary Audin


“Radish has a great winning product. I think it is fantastic. It is a very smart idea. I love the idea of calling United Airlines or another company with a long phone tree on their IVR and getting a visual menu.”

Joel Block

Bullseye Capital