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From Candlestick Phones to Phonebots!

Most of us never used a candlestick phone, but nowdays use phonebots more than we know. So, what’s a phonebot, anyhow? It’s a software robot that can do many things. A typical phonebot responds to a caller’s voice and prompts, such as “Press 2 for Customer Service.

Phonebots are the voices of most IVRs (Interactive Voice Response) systems. It’s well known that most callers don’t like voice-only IVRs. Some are so frustrated that they demand a human voice instead of navigating endless voice menus. Some callers abandon companies with “bad” voice-only IVRs.

But Radish’s ChoiceView phonebots are smarter! ChoiceView uses AI (artificial intelligence) and integrates visual information for fast, smart, natural responses. ChoiceView Phonebots work on top of any IVR system installed in a contact center. They’re unique, especially because they’re ‘voice with visuals’ and overcome caller frustrations with“Now I see what you’re talking about!”  Learn more https://youtu.be/FCFGZLp7qOE




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