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Try Visuals with Amazon Connect!

Radish seeks customers for a controlled introduction of ChoiceView on Amazon Connect. Please help us evaluate how adding visuals can improve ordinary phone communications! Studies show that calls are resolved 4x to 5x faster with visuals and people understand 6x better when both seeing and hearing information.

ChoiceView provides a very simple way to add multimedia capabilities to the voice-only Amazon Connect platform for IVRs, phonebots, and live agents — just include the ChoiceView lambda function in a contact flow. The resulting contact flow uses all of the AI, natural language processing and Lex capabilities inherent in Amazon Connect, plus provides visual menus, visual interactive forms, and visual responses along with the voice. Callers simply make a phone call as usual and see visuals in a browser. There’s no mobile app required, so it works with first-time callers. Since it’s an ordinary phone call, it’s totally compatible with the phone network and business phone systems. The result is an extremely powerful and cost-effective way for companies to better serve callers in many market segments.

NOTE: Customers participating in this controlled introduction will receive a substantial discount on the ChoiceView implementation and will be able to offer a state-of-the-art customer experience to their callers. Learn more and see ChoiceView in action.

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