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ChoiceView True Visual IVR Now Available For Use With Twilio

The ChoiceView True Visual IVR is available for use with another leading communications platform.  New and existing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platforms can be upgraded with ChoiceView to “Voice with Visuals” solutions.  ChoiceView True Visual Interactive Voice Response (True Visual IVR™) can be leveraged by customers who use the Twilio platform. Twilio is powering the future of business communications, including phones, VoIP, and messaging, with its globally available and automatically scalable cloud API.

Now ChoiceView can be easily added to Twilio and other platforms through the ChoiceView REST API and supporting software through a script change only. Twilio powered voice communications combined with ChoiceView’s ‘Voice with Visuals’ sharing lets any business easily deploy True Visual IVRs to improve mobile user experience and reduce costs.  Learn more about ChoiceView True Visual IVR on Twilio at ChoiceView.com/for-developers.

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