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Shave Seconds to Save Millions in Contact Centers

Our enterprise prospects tell us that every second they shave off the average call handling time saves them $1M per year in contact center costs.  With Radish ChoiceView, contact centers save time when agents send any visuals –photos, diagrams, coupons, receipts, video clips–while talking/texting with mobile callers on any network.  As we all have heard, ‘One picture is worth a 1000 words.’

Our alliance partner, SPS, is featuring Radish ChoiceView at upcoming contact center shows.  Monica Tarr, SPS contact center consulting practice directors said “We are partnering with Radish to offer a unique solution for our contact center customers. Be sure to come to our Frost & Sullivan exhibit April 15-18 at the Marriott Marcos Island, FL, for a demonstration, as well as the SPS booth 404 the ATA Expo on April 29-May 2 in Hollywood, FL, to see our contact center solutions.”

Radish CEO Theresa Szczurek says “We’re pleased to partner with Strategic Products and Services to offer the next-gen unified enterprise communications and to improve efficiency of call centers communicating with mobile callers. SPS leads the way for Visual Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems as well as ‘voice with visuals’ communications via live agents powered by ChoiceView.  Visuals such as photos, documents, diagrams, and video clips are instantly available to mobile users so they can ‘See it and Hear It’™.”



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