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Mobile Ticket App announces “Show Me” (powered by ChoiceView) at Ticket Summit

Jul 11th - Jul 13th 2012, Bellagio Resort Hotel, Las Vegas, NV - Booth #126 and Cezanne Room (workshop)

Mobile Ticket App (MTA) is demonstrating its next-gen capability for ticket sales at Ticket Summit® and at the  Innovative Technologies workshop at 1-2 pm, Weds. July 11 in the Cezanne room.  MTA integrates Radish ChoiceView technology so callers know what they’re buying, often upgrading for better seats, and completing the transactions more quickly. Ticket sales are forever changed when mobile callers can see and save the venues, seats, tickets and receipts while talking to a ticket broker.  MTA is a leader is offering innovative solutions for mobile commerce to hundreds of ticket brokers.

More Info: www.ticketsummit.com

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