Radish Events

Kaiser Permanente Nursing Informatics Symposium

Nov 8th, Pleasanton, CA Carr America Conference Center

Radish CEO Theresa Szczurek will show how
a  ChoiceViewTM enabled healthcare organization  can send ANY visual to a smart mobile phone or tablet during a phone call.  For example, while discussing post-surgery home care, a nurse coach can show her member/patient how to do an exercise or a physician can show how to use the medication and a list of possible side effects.  Patients can save the visuals with the tap of a button to view them later for a higher likelihood of adherence and a better recovery. Contact Radish to meet on/around Nov. 8th near Oakland, CA.

More Info: https://www.signup4.net/public/ap.aspx?EID=NIS110E&OID=50

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