Radish Events

11/17/15 Webinar: Transform Customer Experience with Visual and Natural Language Technology

Nov 17th, online

Join @RadishSystems, @IBM, and @Interactionsco on Tuesday 11/17/15 at 2pm ET.  Register now.

Learn how to:

  • Add visuals to voice to improve satisfaction with “true Visual IVR” self-service and live agents.
  • Use visuals to improve IVR call containment, shorten calls, and increase first-call-resolution (FCR) rate.
  • Identify consumers’ expectations for speech technology today.
  • Elevate the experience above consumers’ expectations.
  • Engage in personalized self-service conversations with users.
  • Evolve your go-to-market business model for ongoing improvement.
More Info: http://www.speechtechmag.com/webinars/roundtable/17nov2015/rad2

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