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Bruce Pincus

Bruce Pincus is Corporate Counsel and Corporate Secretary of Minitab, Inc., a privately held company with over 325 employees and wholly owned subsidiaries in England, France, and Australia. As the developer of Minitab® Statistical Software, Quality Companion® and Quality Trainer®, the company’s applications are widely used in statistical education and process control initiatives such as Six Sigma. Mr. Pincus is responsible for all corporate legal matters including employment and labor law issues, software licensing, sales contracts and agreements, and trademark and copyright matters.

Prior to Minitab, Mr. Pincus was in private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area where he advised technology-sector businesses.

Mr. Pincus, a graduate of the John F. Kennedy University School of Law, is licensed to practice law in both California and Pennsylvania.

Dr. Richard A. Davis

Dr. Davis’ personal mission for two decades has been the improvement of consumer and business transactions using voice/data technologies. In 1990, he co-founded Radish Communications Systems Inc. to invent, develop, and pioneer a new modem protocol for sending data during ordinary phone calls.

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