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Dr. Ida M. Halasz

Dr. Halasz has conducted marketing research and marketing communications for Radish Systems since its inception. Prior to joining the company, she was the founder and CEO of Halvan Associates, a marketing research and strategy consulting company. She has worked within a wide range of organizations in the private and public sectors, including those focused on emerging technologies.

Dr. Halasz was the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for a hi-tech design and manufacturing company in Boulder, CO. She moved to Colorado as an executive with the US Department of Justice‚Äôs National Academy in 1989. Previously, she led marketing/business development, directed research projects, and directed the leadership academy at the Ohio State University’s Center on Education and Training for Employment.

She has authored over 90 publications, including a book on computer documentation and numerous articles in refereed journals on topics such as firewalls. She received her Ph.D. at the Ohio State University in Education and Vocational Psychology. Her other degrees were from Edinboro State University, PA and Youngstown State University, OH.

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