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So What Is a Bot?

Bots are short for robots that automate business phone calls. But bots often frustrate callers when they don’t understand next steps or choices.  So now there’s a better way… marry bot to visuals! so callers both see and hear information, then easily respond. For example, imagine texting to order a pizza, immediately seeing photos and descriptions with prices, tapping your selection, adding your info and receiving a delivery time without waiting to talk to anyone?

Bots are automating phone communications, improving customer experiences, and  reducing costs.  Adding visuals—maps, photos, video snippets, menus, graphics, diagrams, short documents—to a text or voice call clarifies callers’ requests and encourages them to reach a satisfactory resolution. A simultaneous visual and bot platform provides great value to businesses. It reduces transfers to a live agent, improves self-service, enhances customer satisfaction, and can even increase revenue.


See and Hear COO Richard A. Davis at SpeechTek 2018

“Marry Visuals with Bots for Twice the Customer Experience”

April 10, 2018    3:00 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.

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