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Super Glue, ChoiceView, and Dynamite!

Let’s start with a few predictions from some of the world’s top IT experts in the recent Future of Mobile report from Salesforce.

By 2025 they predict that:

  • Consumers will be mobile dominant.
  • With 5G deployed, the mobile enterprise will change dramatically with device convergence replacing the desktop altogether.
  • The consumer will choose their engagement platform and you need to be ready on all platforms to provide an identical experience on all.

Now, if these three predictions are terribly surprising, your consumer engagement is likely “Dead Man Walking” already. Unfortunately I had to make calls to just a few organizations this past week. There are still way too many organizations out there forcing horrible, vintage 1989 engagement on consumers who desperately want to do business with them in the new century.

With so many solutions being both financially and technically accessible in 2020, it’s malpractice for organizations both large and small to continue to abuse consumers with painful engagement experiences. And for the record, I’m not just talking about organizations that are clinging to the 1989 version of “voicejail hell.” Many companies rightfully recognized the evils of “voicejail hell” and went in the other direction — every time you call them you actually get a human, even if you have to wait on hold for 30 minutes. Mercifully many have built ever bigger call centers and/or implemented ways to call consumers back when an agent is available. While admirable, this isn’t the right long-term answer either, in lieu of all the consumer engagement solutions that are now available.

Human assistance for every call is obviously not cost effective and its rationale is based on the flawed hypothesis that consumers prefer to talk to a human. Let’s be clear! What consumers want is resolution! What being in “voicejail hell” taught consumers is that the best way to get resolution is to talk to a human. Thus, that desire to talk to a human is much more a symptom of bad engagement than an intrinsic desire to talk to a person.

The truth is that consumers want quick and painless resolution and if you can do this with a voice assistant, or a pet rock (circa the early 1980s), all the better. Lest you really think automated voice assistants are not the wave of the future, 71% of the experts surveyed in the Future of Mobile report agree or strongly agree that “voice assistants will be the most used mobile feature for employee and consumer apps in 2025.” Done right, there is ample evidence that voice assistants can facilitate a better consumer experience, improve CSAT scores, generate more insight and sales revenue, and optimize your contact center.

It will sound too good to be true, but there is a financially and technically easy way to add channels, create an identical experience across all of them, and dramatically enhance consumer engagement. This marvel of modern IT is ChoiceView visual engagement technology from Radish Systems. ChoiceView, the best visual engagement solution on the market, is also the super glue of choice for bringing all of your channels together, unifying the experience, blowing up “voicejail hell,” leveraging conversational AI, and optimizing your human contact center agents for the most complex engagements. All in one inexpensive, easy-to-implement fell swoop!

Stay tuned for the next installment of this blog and learn why ChoiceView combined with Amazon Connect and web apps or mobile apps like Dosecast is dramatically and easily enhancing customer engagement.

Victor Morrison, Business Development Director

Dr. Richard A. Davis

Dr. Davis’ personal mission for two decades has been the improvement of consumer and business transactions using voice/data technologies. In 1990, he co-founded Radish Communications Systems Inc. to invent, develop, and pioneer a new modem protocol for sending data during ordinary phone calls.

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