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ChoiceView is Now Built into Amazon Connect

ChoiceView® is the easiest and fastest way to create true visual IVRs and visual phonebots in Amazon Connect!

Radish’s patented ChoiceView technology is now available to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) development community. ChoiceView transforms ordinary calls to businesses and organizations into ‘voice with visual’ calls. With ChoiceView for Amazon Connect, businesses and Amazon developers can easily create and scale visual IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems and visual phonebots that leverage all the AI and Natural Language Processing power of Amazon Connect plus all the visual power of ChoiceView.

No separate server needs to be setup or configured. Just include ChoiceView directly in an Amazon Connect contact flow and you’re ready to go. Amazon estimates that developers already familiar with Amazon Connect can get up and running with ChoiceView in 5 minutes.

ChoiceView addresses many different use cases involving customer support, patients communicating with doctors, and any phone call involving complex information transfer. ChoiceView supports both intelligent virtual agents and live agents in contact centers. Learn more about ChoiceView for Amazon Connect.

Radish received a grant from AWS to develop ChoiceView as an AWS Lambda function accessible in Amazon Connect contact flows. With ChoiceView, the voice-only Amazon Connect service becomes a multimedia platform that allows callers with a smartphone — or virtually any phone and browser combination — to interact with visual live agents and visually enhanced virtual agents. Callers don’t have to install a mobile app, or preregister, or set up a profile in advance. See the full media release at PRWeb.


Dr. Richard A. Davis

Dr. Davis’ personal mission for two decades has been the improvement of consumer and business transactions using voice/data technologies. In 1990, he co-founded Radish Communications Systems Inc. to invent, develop, and pioneer a new modem protocol for sending data during ordinary phone calls.

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