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Don’t Scare Customers! Do they avoid calling your IVR?

Scary to think customers don’t call because the IVR is so annoying. How many customers avoid calling to refill medications, fix a technical issue, order a new item or reset their password? Do they forego purchases because it takes “forever” to hear the long voice menus? Smartphone callers expect to see information on their screens. Many businesses are seeing True Visual IVR as a competitive advantage. It’s the automated tech that enhances voice-only with visual information. ChoiceView Visual IVR adds to existing or new IVR systems for “Now I see what you’re talking about!” reactions. It takes seconds to see and tap on menu options as opposed to just hearing them long enough to ‘Press 5 for Technical Support’. More: https://radishsystems.wpengine.com/products/choiceview-visual-ivr/




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