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Boo! Does Your IVR Scare Customers?

ghost, halloween iconDo your metrics show too many hang-ups when callers hear your automated greeting? Companies seek remedies to increase completed calls and better customer experiences when analytics show high hang-up rates to their IVRs. While better voices, fewer choices, and shorter phrases may help, the best solution is adding ‘visuals to voice’ so callers both see and hear the information. Smartphone callers quickly scroll or tap through menus to reach the desired information or assistance. Once there, they input their responses such as an account number, which is transferred as their call moves to completion.  Callers see information, such as account status or a receipt, and save it on their device. Visuals with voice systems, or Visual IVR, can be added to existing IVRs without disrupting processes or infrastructures. Learn about Visual IVR

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