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USE CASE: ChoiceView Visual IVR Handles Utility Service Changes

#USECASE: @RadishSystems ChoiceView Visual #IVR Handles #Utility Service Changes

CHALLENGE: Nationally, utility companies spend millions of dollars answering phone calls with live representatives because customers can’t or simply won’t use the voice-only IVRs (interactive voice response) systems.

SOLUTION: Gas, electric, cable, water and other utilities can increase customer self-service by adding easy-to-use, instant visuals to their IVRs. With visuals, customers immediately SEE and can quickly navigate visual menus options on their smartphones, SEE and easily complete forms (no tricky alphanumeric inputs), SEE and HEAR messages, and SEE and save visuals such as confirmations and receipts.

BENEFITS: With the ChoiceView Visual IVR, utility companies can decrease transfers to live reps and decrease call times while improving customer experience and satisfaction.


1. Customer calls electric company. She sees and hears automated options via Visual IVR and selects “Change Billing Address.”

2. Customer receives interactive form, then easily enters the requested alphanumeric information, and submits.

3. Customer receives visual confirmation and saves it to her smartphone.

RESULT: Call is easily completed in IVR at any time without a live rep. Clear, simple forms allow accurate inputs that are saved to company databases. Customer is happy to self-serve and is reassured with saved confirmation. Radish Systems is the visual IVR vendor of choice.

Learn more at https://telecomreseller.com/2017/06/05/use-case-choiceview-visual-ivr-handles-utility-service-changes/ via @TelecomReseller and https://radishsystems.wpengine.com/choiceview/newsletters/RadishNews053117.html

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