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CASE STUDY: Clinica Tepeyac uses ChoiceView for Health Coaching

Radish Systems published the case study showing how its ChoiceView Visual Live Assistance capability is used at Clínica Tepeyac to help remote diabetic patients have high satisfaction and reduce costs. Clínica Tepeyac, a Federally Qualified Health Center serving Metro Denver’s medically underserved, predominantly Latino population, uses ChoiceView to allow the Health Coach to send visuals while talking to patients on their smartphones. Clinicians and patients found that ChoiceView positively impacted the experience of care and reduced patient’s costs – it is helpful to communicate complex information. Results of the case study showed satisfaction by both coaches and patients. The coaches could better explain complex information and receive immediate information from the patients. Patients stated that it helped them understand the information.

Patient’s phone screen during call with a health coach using ChoiceView Visual Live Agent.

As a female patient said, ”ChoiceView is easy to use. I definitely used the visuals again.” The ChoiceView case study was made possible through participation in the Digital Health Challenge run by Prime Health of Colorado, funded by Colorado Health Foundation. Read the complete media release.

Theresa Szczurek

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