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Do you know what your IVR is doing?

choiceview-mobile-morphingMorphed to Mobile. You know it’s important to update your automated voice system (IVR or Interactive Voice Response) messages, but you may not know that IVR technology has seriously morphed. The world has gone mobile. Over 79.1% of USA mobile owners have smartphones and that percentage increases daily, especially as people realize they can complete many transactions on their phone.

Add Visual Information Exchange.  To keep up with the mobile take-over, IVRs must be updated to be easier, faster, and more communicative. Callers don’t have patience with older, slower, and often confusing instructions to press “5 for Billing” or whatever.

A key way IVRs are changing is by adding the exchange of visual information. It’s much quicker and easier to communicate with ‘voice with visuals’ than with ‘voice-only’ directories and information. To outshine their competitors and impress their callers, businesses are adding visual data to leverage “One picture is worth a thousand words!”

Envision the Outcomes.  Can you imagine the outcomes  if your callers stay on the call (instead of abandoning it or getting angry as they listen through endless options) and complete their desired transaction?  What if they can self-service because it’s fast and easy?

How would it change the outcomes if callers quickly reach the desired department to see/hear their current balance, a product promotion, order status, or instructions about using your products?  What if while self-servicing via a visual IVR, they can easily receive an order form with oral instructions, fill it in with numeric, alphanumeric, and multi-choice options, and send it back?  Instantly?

Increase Satisfaction.  Buying online is soaring, so e-retailers are looking for ways to efficiently respond to the demand. Adding visuals to voice calls decreases caller abandonment, improves first-call resolution rates, and increases caller understanding. Callers who can say “Now I see what you’re talking about!” are more satisfied and more willing to complete transactions, even sales, on the first call.

The ‘Voice with Visuals’ Solution.  Our ChoiceView® Visual IVR and Live Assistance solutions improve mobile communications between e-retailers and their callers. With ChoiceView, an online or ‘bricks ‘n mortar’ store can offer ‘voice with visuals’ so that callers can make better choices and buying decisions.  Customers can call from anywhere, including from the store itself for clarification about promotions or items. With ChoiceView ‘voice with visuals’ added to your IVR and contact center, your customers will be pleased, buy more quickly and return again.

Listen to ChoiceView in action:  https://radishsystems.wpengine.com/audios/gmvoices_podcast_062116.mp3

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