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5/11 WEBINAR: How True Visual IVR Cuts Costs

Register now for this complimentary webinar on True Visual IVR, moderated by Don Witt, blogger of Telecom Reseller with IVR Technology Group and Radish Systems.  New telehealth technologies are advancing communication to improve patient care and decrease costs. Using a true ChoiceView visual interactive voice response (IVR) system lets healthcare and other firms cost-effectively improve their callers’ care and wellness.

Partner companies Radish Systems and IVR Technology Group offer this free webinar to show how a true visual IVR allows callers to securely hear, see, and even save information. Healthcare callers can both see and hear HIPAA-compliant information about their healthcare, especially their medications and at-home procedures.

Learn more about the WEBINAR.

Register NOW for the 5/11/2016 2pm ET online webinar.

Theresa Szczurek

Theresa Szczurek oversees all business operations. As co-founder, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Planning Officer of RCS, Szczurek was key in transforming the start-up into a thriving firm that sold for over $40 million.

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