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New ChoiceView iOS 7 App to Share Visuals In-call

Radish Systems, a mobile/enterprise software and professional services company that provides the patented ChoiceView multichannel ‘voice with visuals’ platform, announces its participation at SpeechTEK 2014 and the introduction of its ChoiceView iOS 7 app. ChoiceView offers the next generation of multimodal unified communications, allowing visual information and secure data from businesses to be shared during a phone call with callers using any phone and any network. Radish’s CEO, Theresa Szczurek, will speak on the panel, “Lightning Session C105: Speech Transforms Healthcare” (Monday, August 18th at 3:15 PM EDT in the Soho / Hearld room, 7th floor). She will also be on site through August 20th at the SpeechTEK, Customer Service Experience, and CRM Evolution conferences showcasing the ChoiceView true Visual IVR and live assistance capabilities. Learn more at www.speechtek.com/2014/ .

ChoiceView App for iOS 7. The ChoiceView app has been updated for iOS 7 and is now available at the Apple App Store. When you call a business, this app provides the fastest and most efficient way to interact — whether you’re communicating with an IVR or a contact center agent. It works with iPhones. It also works with iPads and any associated phone, including landlines. Enhancements include the iOS 7 user interface plus improved local History so you can revisit ChoiceView content without a data connection. Richard Davis, Radish’s CTO noted, “The ChoiceView app provides a high performance and secure way for data to be exchanged during a phone call between mobile devices and businesses, and it does so in a way that’s totally compatible with the existing business infrastructure. This approach avoids the typical limitations of http-based architectures and provides next-generation capabilities well beyond web browsing in the presence of a phone call.”

Check out the full release at https://radishsystems.wpengine.com/media-center/media-releases/

Theresa Szczurek

Theresa Szczurek oversees all business operations. As co-founder, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Planning Officer of RCS, Szczurek was key in transforming the start-up into a thriving firm that sold for over $40 million.

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