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ChoiceView True Visual IVR NOW on Tropo

Radish Systems announces that ChoiceView True Visual Interactive Voice Response (True Visual IVR™) can be leveraged by customers using the Tropo multi-lingual cloud-based communications platform. Tropo enables anyone to make and receive phone calls and text messages from any web or mobile application – all using common web technologies and languages and incorporating voice recognition, text to speech, conferencing, recording and transcription. Now ChoiceView ‘Voice with Visuals’ can be easily added to Tropo and other platforms with a script change only. Tropo’s ease-of-use combined with ChoiceView’s ‘Voice with Visuals’ sharing lets any business easily deploy a True Visual IVR to improve mobile users’ experience and reduce costs.

See the entire release at https://radishsystems.wpengine.com/media-center/media-releases/

Theresa Szczurek

Theresa Szczurek oversees all business operations. As co-founder, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Planning Officer of RCS, Szczurek was key in transforming the start-up into a thriving firm that sold for over $40 million.

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