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ChoiceView True Visual IVR available on Voxeo Prophecy Platform

Radish Systems announces that ChoiceView True Visual Interactive Voice Response (True Visual IVR™) is now available and running on the Voxeo Prophecy Platform. Voxeo, an Aspect company, is a global provider of exceptional omni-channel customer experiences through IVRs and live representatives in contact centers. ChoiceView True Visual IVR, which provides an open REST API and supporting software, is the world’s first solution transforming traditional Voice-Only IVRs from many vendors into next generation “Voice with Visuals” systems. ChoiceView True Visual IVR is also available for cloud-based IVRs such as Tropo, and premises-based IVRs including Avaya and others that use a standard VXML / CCXML platform. Learn more at ChoiceView.com.com/for-developers/.

Here’s an Example of What Voxeo Customers are Saying. “The ChoiceView Visual IVR was shown to me at the Voxeo Summit this year and it is impressive. I can see the value for our mobile callers to quickly navigate through our Voxeo IVR with the tappable buttons on their smart device screen, then transfer to a live CSR who sees the transaction history and continues the visual exchange during the call. It will be a seamless omni-channel customer experience that mobile callers expect and can have today,” said Aaron Oboh, Senior Manager, Enterprise Systems Architect, Freelancers Union.

ChoiceView starts with a phone call and works with ANY network and ANY phone, and most smartphones and tablets. It’s a script change only to the IVR that adds additional visual capabilities to the IVR’s existing voice service. It provides a new communications channel for visual menus and visual responses, as well as photo and text input. As a result, it reduces call times and costs by half, improves comprehension by 600% or more, and increases customer satisfaction. See the ChoiceView Visual IVR in action at www.ChoiceView.com and learn what it means to have a true visual IVR at www.TrueVisualIVR.com .

Benefits of the True Visual IVR Solution. True Visual IVRs powered by ChoiceView cut call time and costs by more than half in most situations, increase self-service opportunities, and improve mobile user satisfaction and engagement. Callers do not have to listen to long voice menus or write down complex voice responses. The IVR does not have to translate database responses from text to speech. Overall, the user experience is significantly improved and hardware/software cost reductions can be made in the IVR. For example, expensive speech-to-text and text-to-speech conversions can be eliminated.

The ChoiceView REST API solution easily integrates with your current IVR, live assistance, and business processes. Radish Systems designed the ChoiceView over-the-top solution to follow the voice call and leverage current capabilities on a wide range of industry standard IVR platforms and contact centers.

Information for Developers. The ChoiceView REST API for True Visual IVR is available FREE for development and testing purposes. Check out the sample Voxeo script code, as well as code for other platforms. You can easily add ChoiceView into your existing voice-only scripts or work with Radish or Radish Alliance partners to have your scripts modified.

Check out the full release at www.radishsystems.com/media-center/media-releases/

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