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ChoiceView Is A Secure, Fully Encrypted HIPAA-Compliant Mobile Enterprise Communications Solution

New Video Shows How to Use ChoiceView to Solve Health Communication Challenges

ChoiceView (www.ChoiceView.com), the award-winning, flagship product from Radish that allows businesses to instantly share visual content while speaking with smart mobile device users, is now enhanced to provide fully encrypted, secure, HIPAA-complaint business communications for mobile customer support and sales in many industry segments including Health Care. As the leader in ‘voice with visuals’ mobility solutions, Radish Systems also announced today that the new “Using ChoiceView in Health Care” video is available now at www.radishsystems.com/solutions/healthcare-solutions/ ChoiceView eases the pain of frustrating automated phone systems (also known as Interactive Voice Response systems or IVRs) and live assistance. It makes smartphone calls to businesses easy and visual.

What’s Being Said About ChoiceView.

Medical Support Contact Center Agents using ChoiceView in the health care / insurance industries have this to say:

“ChoiceView makes my job easier and it makes the customer happier. It makes everyone happier.”

“I want to use ChoiceView.”

“Everyone wants everything NOW. ChoiceView is helpful in providing information quickly. Thank you for ChoiceView.”

Health Care Challenges and Opportunities

Growing health care costs and changing laws are driving businesses to seek out and pay for solutions to operate more efficiently and provide better care. Additionally, the explosion of electronic medical information is transforming data management and challenging all aspects of health care. These challenges are turned into opportunities by the rapid adoption of mobile devices in health care organizations and by healthcare recipients. Information, especially relevant potentially life-saving information, must be immediately accessible. As a result, health care providers and payers and their recipients want faster, even instant, delivery of health-related data and information. In addition in health care and beyond, there is a clear inefficiency resolving complex inquiries at contact centers (AMEX 2012) that ChoiceView solves very well – the results are clear, measurable benefits.

Healthcare Applications for ChoiceView

The applications for ChoiceView to improve mobile customer support and sales are endless, yet extensive research has shown that the highest potential industry segments include: health care/insurance, technology/telecommunications, retail/commerce, hospitality, and finance. Some key health care applications include:

  • Visual IVR to support delivery of improved member and patient care including use for pre and post-operations, post discharge plans and follow-up, post acute care, appointment scheduling, billing, patient assessments, virtual coaching, etc. This can be outbound as well as inbound call support. Visuals and videos can be sent prior to operations, for example. A virtual discharge nurse can educate on discharge plans
  • Improved Nurse Advising of patients using ‘voice with visuals’ communications for medical and disease management and medication adherence (see the ChoiceView Diabetes Use Case)
  • Enhanced Explanation of Benefits, Claims Processing, and sharing of information such as location of nearest facility with members / patients.
  • Enhanced Mobile Sales of care plans to mobile callers.

About Radish Systems

Radish Systems, LLC, a mobile / enterprise software company, improves the way organizations communicate with smart mobile device users through its award-winning ChoiceView Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) technology platform. ChoiceView offers the next generation of multimodal unified communications, allowing visual information to be shared during a phone call with smart mobile device users using ANY phone, ANY network. The results are faster communications, lower operating costs, enhanced user experiences, and higher revenues. ChoiceView is available as a general mobile app on Apple and Android mobile devices; software for live and automated agents in enterprise contact centers as well as for individual PC users; as a Software Developers Kit for inclusion in third-party mobile apps; and a REST API for Visual IVRs. Use cases include mobile commerce, visual interactive voice response systems (Visual IVR), and enhanced customer support. For more information and a demonstration, visit www.radishsystems.com

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NOTE: HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996

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