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New Mobile Stats from Fierce Wireless

A 7/3/12 Fierce Wireless article cites the latest mobile market statistics.  Some excerpts:

  • “Close to 110 million U.S. mobile subscribers now carry smartphones, up 5 percent since February 2012, comScore reports.
  • 51.1 percent of subscribers used a downloaded app in May, up from 49.5 percent in February, and 49.8 percent accessed the mobile browser, up from 49.2 percent three months earlier.
  • Android has 50.9% of market share, down from 51% while iOS (Apple) is up to 31.9%.
  • In addition, 36.7 percent accessed a social networking site or blog in May (up from 36.1 percent in February), 33.5 percent played games (up from 32.2 percent) and 27 percent listened to music on their phone (up from 24.8 percent).”


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