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Should Radish ChoiceView™ ‘Visuals with Voice’ Concern IVR Vendors?

At #ITEXPO East this week in Miami, CEO Theresa Szczurek’s presentation of the @RadishSystems ChoiceView capability to simultaneously talk and share visual information on existing networks, with any phone, using most mobile devices caused many questions. Why? @ChoiceView transforms an IVR into a Visual IVR with a pure software solution and doesn’t replace any existing enterprise IVR hardware.

ChoiceView is a simple way to solve a complex technological problem for mobile communications.  Businesses can send photos, graphics, video clips, coupons, receipts, menus or any visuals to a caller using a smart mobile device while talking/texting with them in real time. There’s no need to leave the call to see an email or go to a website and the caller can save the visuals for later use.

Is this competitive with typical Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems that are hardware-based and expensive to upgrade?  Would most enterprises prefer a software solution rather than upgrading their hardware, should that option exist?  ChoiceView can easily augment existing IVRs and allow them to offer next-generation capabilities now. Let me know what you think at media@RadishSystems.com

Video demos at http://www.youtube.com/user/RadishSystems, more at www.RadishSystems.com


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