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Winners Offer Ideas for ChoiceView at Avaya Users Group Conference

Radish Systems received numerous ideas for “using ChoiceView in a specific industry” at the September 19-21, 2011 Avaya Users Group Conference. The four winning ideas:

1.  High-end Retail Call Center – “We could deliver an instant gift card to our ChoiceView-equipped iPhone, iPad and Android callers to use while on the call or take to our stores at their convenience.”

2.  Avaya reseller for their Call Center customers- “Use ChoiceView to send CMS reports to multiple Supervisors to view on their mobile devices to monitor activities while they are offsite.”

3.  Avaya reseller for their Hospitality customers- “Hotel booking agents could push pictures, PDFs and forms to mobile customers to upsell the rooms and distinctive properties. Pictures help to make decisions!”

4.  US bank marketing Contact Center- “Sending an authorization code via SMS to be entered into a ChoiceView form sent to a mobile customer authenticates the caller with whom we can share account information visually while they are away from their computer. This saves time and secures the transfer of confidential data.”  (This circumvents the legal issue by the fact that the customer had to give the bank their mobile number, so according to the FCC, that is permission to call or send an SMS.)

The ChoiceView App is free from Apple Store and Android Market.  Download and demo ChoiceView today on your phone or tablet! Short video demo: https://radishsystems.wpengine.com/.  Ideas for using ChoiceView in your industry are most welcome at info@RadishSystems.com.

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