Voxeo ‘Rebrands’ with Radish ChoiceView

In a June 19, 2012 Contact Center Solutions article Kim Martin, director of marketing at Voxeo stated, “We’re also rebranding our contact center and customer experience effort. Video allows for faster, more rewarding customer communications as contact centers can share visual information during a call. One of Voxeo’s partners, Radish Systems has developed a technology called ChoiceView that allows businesses to share visual information in real-time during smartphone conversations. Video can instantly be sent to a customer’s smartphone while they talk or chat and appear on the caller’s screen as live support staff (or IVR) sends them. By combining instantaneous visual and audio information, the video increases comprehension, problem solving, and recall by as much as 50 percent over just hearing it.  The video achieves more rewarding communications as contact centers reduce call handling time, increase user satisfaction, and improve profits. Support representatives find that adding video to the communication easily allows them to make additional sales, provide accurate information, and enhance their productivity.”