Radish Systems: ChoiceView Benefits

Introducing ChoiceView™ a new communications approach that allows businesses to share visual information in real-time during smartphone conversations.

With ChoiceView, when your customers, employees, or other stakeholders call in to place an order or ask for information, you increase understanding by sending pictures, graphics, or text to their smartphones while they talk (or chat). Those images appear on the caller’s smartphone screen as your live support staff (or IVR) sends them. By combining instantaneous visual and audio information, ChoiceView increases comprehension, problem solving, and recall by as much as 50% over just hearing it.

Download the Radish ChoiceView Overview (PDF).


“Sharing visual information during a voice call greatly enhances learning, understanding, and memory.  With ChoiceView you achieve communication and learning objectives in less time with greater impact.”Steven Peskin, MD, MBA, FACP
EVP and Chief Medical Officer, MediMedia, Inc.

Communication Advantage.

ChoiceView allows contact centers to share visual information during a call with smart mobile device users.  ChoiceView goes beyond ‘click to talk’ or ‘live chat’ by adding the most critical dimension—live visual communications.

“Radish 1.0 was 20 years ahead of its time with its integrated voice/data offering. Now with ChoiceView, Radish has introduced one of the most innovative offerings I have seen in the last five years in the Call Center industry. Way to go, Radish! Enterprises need this solution.” Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC (Technology Marketing Corporation)


Integrated voice and visual communications produce “WOW, NOW I SEE WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT” moments.  Radish promises faster, more rewarding mobile communications.

  • Callers receive better information more quickly.
  • ChoiceView-enabled contact centers reduce call handling time, increase user satisfaction, and improve profits.
  • Support representatives find that ChoiceView easily allows them to make additional sales, provide accurate information, and enhances their productivity.

Visualize your contact center with ChoiceView.

Use Cases.

ChoiceView is being adopted to:

  • Create Visual Response Systems. Callers instantly see and hear menu options instead of listening to long, sequential lists. They easily navigate tappable menus and view other visual information in response.
  • Enhance Customer Support. Organizations listen to customers’ needs and respond by sending visual information to their mobile phone during the conversation.
  • Support Field Personnel. Technicians call corporate technical support for help in resolving difficult issues and quickly receive, view, and store needed information on their mobile device while talking about it.
  • Simplify Complex Information Exchange. A company representative shares complicated visual information with a smart mobile device user during a phone call. The information becomes clear because the user is simultaneously hearing while seeing pictures or graphics.

Contact Radish today and let’s explore how you can use ChoiceView to improve your enterprise’s communications with mobile device users.