ChoiceView Rest API for Creating Visual IVRs

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Easily Update Your Existing IVR to a ChoiceView Visual IVR™

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are everywhere. Now with the ChoiceView Rest API, you can easily upgrade virtually any IVR — new or existing or premises or cloud-based — to provide visual operations. It requires only a script change in the IVR, and your callers benefit from a greatly improved user interface without aggravating voice-only phone trees.

How It Works

A mobile caller dialing into a ChoiceView-enhanced Visual IVR receives a visual menu instead of “Press 1 for sales.” The caller navigates the menu by selecting the appropriate button and the IVR responds visually instead of speaking back the results. Any visual response can be saved without separately writing down the information.


As part of the transaction, a caller can directly enter data and photos to the IVR — not just DTMF digits and voice. This provides a new source of information the IVR can use to intelligently and efficiently process the call. If needed, the call can be seamlessly transferred to a live agent who can continue the ChoiceView visual session using the information collected by the IVR.

Advantages of ChoiceView Visual IVRs

  • Reduced caller frustration, especially with lengthy voice-only phone trees.
  • Increased customer satisfaction with improved service, visual interactions and a new mechanism for inputting data to the IVR.
  • Ability for callers to save visual responses without separately writing down the information.
  • Effective visual communication that increases comprehension by 5x and reduces processing mistakes, repeat calls, and misinformation
  • Ability to transfer to a live agent (if needed) with continued visual sharing and inband delivery of information already entered.
  • Increased competitive edge for contact centers through faster transactions with enhanced caller information that immediately aids call processing.
  • Improved efficiency with key information exchange in one call that completes the transaction.

All of this translates into many new services and features for your customers, plus a visual user interface that goes well beyond DTMF and speech recognition.

ChoiceView Is Available and Free for Mobile Users

To access ChoiceView Visual IVRs, callers simply need the ChoiceView app on their mobile device. It’s available for free from the Apple App Store or Android Market. The ChoiceView app is generic! It works out of the box with any ChoiceView-equipped business or PC user. It doesn’t require any mobile app development. The app itself is simple to use and works with the mobile device’s native dialer or any other phone service.

ChoiceView Doesn’t Break Your Contact Center

ChoiceView offers a true Visual IVR solution that’s compatible with existing phones and the existing phone infrastructure. It doesn’t require changes to the IVR hardware or trunks, the IVR voice processing, or the IVR source code. ChoiceView Rest API calls are simply included in the IVR’s existing script. During script execution, those calls are communicated to the ChoiceView cloud via the IVR’s web services interface. The same IVR, of course, continues to provide its standard voice-only / DTMF processing for non-ChoiceView callers.

Get the ChoiceView Rest API and move from the voice-only world to the visual world of IVRs.