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Add “Click-to-See” and Visual Phone Features to Your Apps

ChoiceView from Radish Systems allows a data session to be joined instantly and seamlessly with a mobile phone call. Thus phone calls launched from your app become visual phone calls. The results are faster and more efficient information transfer, improved customer satisfaction, and a competitive edge for your app. Whether customers need technical support, customer service, help with mobile shopping, or transfer of complex information, ChoiceView provides ground-breaking functionality to enhance transactions.

ChoiceView Use Cases

Provides unprecedented Customer Service. Suppose a customer is attempting to purchase a product using your app and needs help. Typically the user would exit the app, call customer support, and start the process from the beginning with a live agent. With ChoiceView, the user taps a “Call & Show Me” type button inside your app to automatically dial the service number using the device’s native dialer. The user is immediately returned to your app to engage in a ChoiceView session with the agent.

ChoiceView provides context-specific transaction information so that the agent can answer intelligently. The agent talks or chats while sending visual information based on the user’s questions or requests. The user immediately sees the product data, photos/graphics, or order confirmations on the mobile device.

Solves the dreaded IVR trap. When a user calls a business, an interactive voice response (IVR) often answers “Please listen closely as our menu options have changed” before saying a long menu of options. With ChoiceView, users see the IVR menus and navigate by tapping appropriate buttons. The IVR responds with further visual information and if requested, transfers the call to a live agent.

Improves Technical Support. When your field technicians or customers call a ChoiceView-enabled expert, they both hear and see how to install the product or resolve the problem more efficiently. They better understand complex products and installations by seeing schematics, step-by-step instructions, and other aids that the in-house technical experts send via ChoiceView.

“Now I see what you’re talking about!”

What makes ChoiceView so unique? With ChoiceView, your users can talk with a customer support rep using the mobile device’s native phone while viewing visual information transmitted to your native application. No other solution on the market today offers such exceptional communications.

Developer Bob Kressin, CEO of KS Technologies in Colorado, has used the ChoiceView Software Developers Kit (SDK):

“We were relieved at how simple it was to integrate ChoiceView functionality into a new application. This allowed us to focus on the purpose of our app without having to concentrate on the heavy lifting that is required for the capability that the ChoiceView SDK provides.

In the mobile industry we continually see that although texting and chatting are popular, nothing beats the spoken word for winning the hearts of customers. The ChoiceView SDK allowed us to combine the power of the mobile platform for delivering visual content far superior to text-based chat with that of great customer service over the phone.”


ChoiceView technology connects mobile app users with IVRs and/or live agents that can answer their direct questions through the use of real-time, simultaneous verbal and visual information transfer. Ideal target applications that leverage ChoiceView include those involving complex information transfer during phone calls.

The Software Developers Kit (SDK) comes with the SDK itself, sample source code for an app built using the SDK, and supporting documentation. A license for single-use ChoiceView Agent software is also included.


The ChoiceView architecture has four components: your application, the ChoiceView SDK, the ChoiceView Server, and the ChoiceView Agent software. The SDK is a statically built library that manages interactions between your application and the ChoiceView server.

The figure shows that ChoiceView architecture with your application, the ChoiceView SDK, the ChoiceView Server, and the ChoiceView Agent software. Your app is natively compiled for iOS devices to use the ChoiceView technology.

You’ll find that integrating ChoiceView with your existing applications is straightforward. The “heavy lifting” of server communication, managing changes in network connectivity, and passing data from the Agent to your user is all handled in the SDK.

The ChoiceView Server is a cloud-based switch (SaaS) that provides the interface between the ChoiceView SDK and the ChoiceView Agent software. It manages a complex number of operations and is built with low-latency, high-scalability, and incredible processing speed.

ChoiceView Agent is a Windows program residing on the desktop of contact center agents or any PC users, including technical experts and customer service reps. This program allows agents to drag and drop information easily from their desktop to your app, share windows, text chat with your app users, and do much more while talking on an ordinary phone call.

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