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20-Year Update: Women’s Start-ups Return 2X+ Despite Low Venture Funding

Pay attention, venture investors!  As explained in

Don’t Scare Customers! Do they avoid calling your IVR?

Scary to think customers don’t call because the IVR is so annoying. How many customers avoid calling to refill medications, fix a technical issue, order …

Five Secrets for Startup Success

We can learn much from those people who have successfully pursued their passionate purpose. One of them is Bob Metcalfe. During the recent StartupCamp4 at ITEXPO 2011 …

Five Tips for Better Sleep and Results

“How do you sleep at night?” That was a question a Venture Capitalist asked the soon-to-be CEO of our previous start-up. The answer, “Pretty well, …

Jim Collins on Turning Good to Great — Diary of Radish, a tech start-up

WHAT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR in turning good to great?ANSWER. The people. The ability to pick and associate with the right people makes the difference between goodness and greatness. Here’s how this applies to Radish Systems, the tech start-up