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20-Year Update: Women’s Start-ups Return 2X+ Despite Low Venture Funding

Pay attention, venture investors!  As explained in

Next-Gen at Enterprise Connect

  When you update on next-gen communications at Enterprise Connect this year, also plan to meet with Radish Systems’ CEO and CTO, respectively Theresa Szczurek …

Radish CEO is DBJ Outstanding Woman in Business

Theresa Szczurek, Radish CEO and Co-Founder, was selected as the Denver Business Journal‘s 2011 Outstanding Woman in Business in the Small Business category.  At a …

Radish CEO Named 2011 Boulder County Remarkable Woman

THAT’S REMARKABLE.  Theresa Szczurek, Radish co-founder and CEO, was named the 2011 Remarkable Woman by the Boulder County Business Report in the Enterprise category.  http://www.bcbr.com/article.asp?id=58878

Four Actions to Get More Women to Lead Tech Start-Ups

There are not enough women leading tech start-ups.  My last article explored the why, where, and why– why bother getting more women leaders, where do …