Radish Media Release ChoiceView Now On Avaya 9-30-2013


Radish Systems, the leader in voice and data mobility solutions for customer service, announces that ChoiceView ‘Voice with Visuals’ capability is now available and running on the Avaya Portal platform, including the Voice Portal and Aura® Experience Portal.

True Visual Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are the next generation of automated phone systems and share visual content during a voice call, as explained at TrueVisualivr.com. The ChoiceView REST API for Visual IVRs is the first-ever solution to transform traditional IVRs from many vendors, now including Avaya, into True Visual IVRs that work with ANY network, ANY phone, and most smartphones and tablets. Industry leaders from NACR and Interactive Northwest recognize the power of the ChoiceView solution. To get more information, access the ChoiceView REST API, and see what we are talking about visit ChoiceView.com.com/for-developers/.

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