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Thank you for purchasing a ChoiceView Visual Directory for your business.  You’re nearly done setting it up.  Only 3 more steps to go!


1. First, we’ll need some information about your company.

Though we may ask you for some of the same information you’ve previously entered, rest assured that what you enter here is what will be in your company’s ChoiceView Visual Directory.

What you see is what you get.

Fields left blank will not bed included in your Visual Directory.

At the end, we’ll email you a copy so you can double check the accuracy of what we will build for you.

Company Information

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Primary Company Contact

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Visual Directory Customization

Select Background Color*
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Upload Business Logo or Image (not to exceed 1MB)

Radish End User License Agreement Acceptance

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Radish End User License Agreement




Add Waitlist Form to collect:

  1. name

  2. phone number

  3. email

    1. Add Support Info

    2. Add price and comparison to general “Large Providers” rates

    3. Define the ChoiceView Visual IVR Directory:

      1. Features

      2. Ease of use

      3. Use case / example

      4. Improved Comprehension During Calls:

        1. ROI

        2. Benefits

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