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ChoiceView Is Visually Enhanced AI Calling

It's a New Year and with that comes new experiences. Radish sends you wishes for productivity and efficiency. A good way to achieve that is by introducing visually enhanced AI calling using ChoiceView®.

ChoiceView is better than a voice call and less intimidating than a videoconference. It's patented. It's available in many ways — in new systems, as a plug-in to existing systems, and as an API for developers. It's compatible with contact center systems, including Amazon Connect, Twilio, Avaya, NICE inContact, Cisco, Genesys, and others. Contact Radish to learn more and see a demo of ChoiceView in action.

ChoiceView Lite for Amazon Connect Is Now Available at No Charge

News. Have you heard? Now it's easier than ever to improve your business communications. Radish introduces the new release of ChoiceView for Amazon Connect, which brings visual omnichannel capabilities to Amazon contact centers. With this release, ChoiceView Lite is now available at no charge. Pro versions are also provided. ChoiceView is used by organizations in many applications to dramatically improve communications with their customers, thereby reducing average handle time, increasing understanding, enhancing customer experience (CX), and increasing sales close rates. It seamlessly adds visual interaction on phone calls — whether they're answered by AI-based automated systems or live agents. Learn more in the media release.

Opinion Leaders Speak Out. "ChoiceView is a breakthrough for Amazon Connect users," said Blair Pleasant, Industry Analyst and President of COMMfusion LLC. "It gives them an easy way to add omnichannel, voice-and-visual capabilities to their voice apps without needing complex integration or coding. It works with both automated agents and live agents in contact centers."

David Cole, Chief Information Officer at the National Minority Health Association, stated "ChoiceView is the next generation of phone calls for contact centers and gives them a huge competitive advantage. We see many use cases for improving communications with our clients and customers."

Improving Conversational Voice and AI Systems

See Radish's latest blog post and learn why ChoiceView is the best-kept secret in the industry. Here are excerpts.

I like my Amazon Echo Show. I have it in the kitchen. I talk to it and it magically shows me visual information in the form of images, diagrams, and pages. This is the communications mode I'd like to experience on phone calls I make to businesses. I'd like to talk on the phone as usual and see visuals on my smartphone or on my tablet or computer. If I reach a bot or IVR, I'd like to see a visual menu and be able to select from the menu by talking or tapping. If I reach a live person, I'd like them to show me relevant visual information during the call instead of tediously speaking it back. I'd want to be able to save any visual information received for future reference.

Why Not? Radish Systems already provides all these capabilities through its ChoiceView product suite and developer tools. It's really simple to deploy, enhance and maintain. "Now I See What You're Talking About!"™

Take Action and Ease the Pain

Let's talk and explore how to apply this awesome capability to your biggest communication pain points. If you're a partner, ChoiceView offers the quickest and most cost-effective way to visually enhance your voice platform. Contact Radish today!