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Simultaneous Sight and Sound

ChoiceView-enabled businesses allow mobile callers, including field technicians, remote personnel, and customers, to simultaneously SEE and HEAR information. Support reps can instantly send appropriate visuals while talking/texting with a mobile device user. Mobile users can also talk/text while seeing any visuals— phone-tree menus, photos, diagrams, close-ups of technical parts, documents, maps, coupons, work orders, video snippets—and can save any of them for later use.

ChoiceView is a cloud-based “Communications-as-a-Service” platform with a ChoiceView App for mobile devices, Live Agent software, Visual Interactive Voice Response (IVR) API, a Software Developers Kit (SDK) for integrating ChoiceView technology into branded mobile apps, and a “click-to-call-and-view” widget for mobile websites. ChoiceView works with any network and any phone and provides secure transmissions that can be reconnected to the same live or automated agent if dropped during the data call.

Multimodal Mobile Support

There’s no question that having a mobile strategy is rapidly becoming the norm for enterprises that provide field and/or customer support. According to IDC Research, 1.2 billion workers will be using mobile enterprise tools by 2013, representing roughly a third of the total global workforce. With this rapid acceleration of mobile device use, companies are improving communication technologies to increase workplace productivity and customer satisfaction. Multimodal technologies help mobile users better understand complex issues because they use more senses simultaneously. Research shows that comprehension is increased 5x with use of both sight and sound.

Improved Performance

ChoiceView technology helps mobile callers understand and use many types of information faster and more easily, increasing first-call resolution and satisfaction for both parties.

Use Case 1: Field Tech Support

A field technician uses a ChoiceView-equipped hand-held device to call into the Company’s ChoiceView-enabled 2nd-tier support desk for installation assistance with a TV cable box. The tech takes and sends in a photo of the cable box.

The Tier 2 support engineer sends (1) a schematic of the specific box and (2) a diagram for the hookup while explaining how to install it.

The field tech saves the graphics and easily completes the installation.

With multimodal support using ChoiceView, the job was done more quickly and accurately on the first call, saving the Company money.

Use Case 2: Customer Tech Support

Customer calls a Company’s tech support center to get help to install a new sound system. The Company’s ChoiceView-enabled Visual IVR answers and provides a visual and audible menu of options. She taps the options, quickly connects to the required self-help. and (1) sees a visual of her system and then (2) receives visual and audible installation instructions which she saves in History. Later she (3) uses the saved visuals to install the system.

The customer is pleased with her purchase and the ease of the installation. The Company has first-call resolution and averted a call with a live agent or worse, a returned sound system and a lost sale. The customer’s goodwill is priceless; the savings with self-service is over 15 minutes of live-agent time.

Improves Your KPIs

Businesses monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to reduce costs and improve revenue while enhancing support services and increasing customer loyalty. ChoiceView improves KPIs metrics such as first-call resolution, transfer/escalation rates, quality scores, satisfaction and loyalty scores, average handle time, sales results, agent satisfaction, and staff turnover.

Support Your Field Staff and Customers

License ChoiceView Live Agent for contact-center agents and the ChoiceView Visual IVR for automated systems. ChoiceView sends your existing graphics, documents, and video snippets. Use the SDK (free for development and testing) to integrate ChoiceView technology into your branded mobile apps. If you don’t have a mobile app, have end-users download the free ChoiceView App from the Apple iTunes App Store or Android Market to connect with your ChoiceView-enabled agents.

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Download ChoiceView to your mobile device from the iTunes Apple or Android app store.

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