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American consumers are purchasing smart mobile devices at astonishing rates. Customers expect to use their smartphones and other mobile devices to interact with businesses when and where it’s convenient for them. At the same time, many businesses are managing the increased customer demands with contact centers equipped with Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. But lengthy agent and IVR interactions often result in decreased customer satisfaction, increased costs, and lost business opportunities.

Customers also are frustrated with ‘live’ customer support that doesn’t respond meaningfully to their inquiries and problems. Even an 80 percent ‘first call resolution’ success rate leaves 20 percent of the callers dissatisfied. Companies want to satisfy customers quickly during the first call, whether with a live agent or an IVR.

ChoiceView is the Solution

ChoiceView allows contact centers to share visual information from a live agent or IVR during a call from a smart mobile device user. Many calls with contact centers demand that complex information be communicated quickly and accurately. ChoiceView solves the problem by allowing mobile callers to not only hear the information, but to see it at the same time, exactly when needed. Studies show that seeing and hearing information simultaneously increases understanding by at least 50 percent. As is often said,"One picture is worth a thousand words."

ChoiceView’s value proposition is based on delivering efficiencies in the Contact Center. It can:

  • cut 10-15 percent off of average call handling time,
  • increase revenue by at least 10-15 percent for transactions involving up-selling or cross-selling,
  • reduce the number of repeat calls due to collection of correct and complete data, and
  • build loyalty, because once users have ChoiceView they will choose to do business with a ChoiceView-enabled company.”

Chuck Blumenkamp, with 29 years experience running centers for Verizon, Contel, and GTE

ChoiceView Increases Revenue and ROI

When customers both see and hear information, transactions are easier, faster, and more rewarding for all parties. For example, a customer wants to purchase concert tickets. Rather than abandon a frustrating web session, the user is transferred to a ChoiceView-enabled agent who shares visuals, discusses options, and up-sells—

1. seating chart of the stadium

2. view from $100 "yellow" seats

3. view from $200 "blue" seats

The customer purchases "blue" seats and saves the visuals by tapping ‘+’ on the ChoiceView screen. Later, she presses the ‘History’ button to view them again. By both talking about and seeing options via her smartphone, she quickly decides to buy the better seats and is happy with her purchase. The business books more revenue.

Business Trends Demand ChoiceView

Trends that are driving businesses with contact centers to find more efficient and effective ways to communicate and share information include—

ChoiceView Impacts Contact Centers’ Key Performance Indicators

Get the ChoiceView App NOW!

The ChoiceView App available at the App Store at:

Distribute via Apple Enterprise license directly to your users or license the Radish ChoiceView Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) to make your organization’s mobile app ChoiceView-enabled.

System Requirements: ChoiceView App runs on a 3G+ iPhone or iPod touch with an Internet connection and works for transactions with all ChoiceView-enabled organizations.

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