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Share Visual Information with Customers / Field Personnel

It’s been said that “One picture is worth a thousand words.” With ChoiceView Live Agent software on their Windows PCs, your agents or service representatives (reps) talk or chat while sending visuals to mobile device or browser users. Studies show that adding visuals can increase recall and problem-solving by at least 600 percent. Callers using the ChoiceView App participate in the call while viewing products, diagrams, web pages, maps, videos, or other information sent from a ChoiceView-enabled rep.

More Productive and Satisfied Reps

Reps find ChoiceView easy to use. It allows them to make additional sales, provide accurate information, and enhance their services. Increased productivity and satisfaction reduce rep turnover.

ChoiceView’s value proposition is based on delivering efficiencies in the Contact Center. It can:

  • cut 10-15 percent off of average call handling time,
  • increase revenue by at least 10-15 percent for transactions involving up-selling or cross-selling opportunities,
  • reduce the number of repeat calls due to collection of correct and complete data, and
  • build loyalty, because once users have ChoiceView they will choose to do business with a ChoiceView-enabled company.”

Chuck Blumenkamp, with 29 years experience running centers for Verizon, Contel, and GTE

ChoiceView Live Agent screen and example phone script:


ChoiceView Live Agent screens are easy to understand and use with minimal training.

The yellow Information box shows call history of all requests from the caller and each visual piece of information sent by the representative.

With drag and drop functionality, reps spend less time with each end user. Yet they have more closed cases with greater satisfaction for everyone.

More Sales and Happier Customers

Give your customers and field personnel a unique and rewarding experience with ChoiceView, whether they’re seeking information, shopping, or receiving technical assistance. They talk/text while receiving and seeing visual information. For example:

A field technician contacts a ChoiceView-enabled cable company to ask for support in the installation process. The company’s service rep sends the cable modem diagram of the correct setup while talking to the technician.

The rep sends additional diagrams in response to the technician’s questions until they successfully complete the installation.

The entire ChoiceView transaction takes less than 10 minutes, much less than the typical call time! The customer is happy that her cable connection works, is impressed with the cable company’s efficiency and the technician has saved valuable time.

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System Requirements: Live Agent software runs on a Windows PC (XP or newer) with an Internet connection. For optional rep screen pop, Caller ID or Automatic Number Identification (ANI) service is required on the customer service rep’s phone line.

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