News and Notes December 2015

We wish you a wonderful Holiday and a prosperous New Year!

Hello Everyone

We're finalizing a year of new Radish products, new pilots, and new partners! Give your organization game-changing gifts — add a new ChoiceView® product, a pilot, or a Radish partnership!

NEW! ChoiceView WebRTC

Radish is proud to present a new game-changer to its arsenal of products that enhance business communications. With ChoiceView WebRTC, users can make a call from their standard web browser and interact with an organization's live or self service agent using 'voice with visuals' all within their browser without requiring an app download.

ChoiceView WebRTC allows users to access, navigate, and control a company's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system or virtual assistant completely from their standard browser. Plus, the ChoiceView REST API allows businesses to upgrade their voice-only IVRs to visual IVRs with a script change only.

In addition, contact center agents receive incoming calls as they normally do, and those equipped with ChoiceView can visually share virtually anything accessible from their desktop, including files, images, videos, web pages, window screenshots, clipboard copies, and snipped materials. Learn more and try ChoiceView WebRTC.

Radish Wins Digital Health Challenge Pilots

We're very pleased to start ChoiceView pilots with Clinica Tepeyac and the Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association. Clinica serves mostly non-English speakers while the VNA serves remote patients across long rural distances. The pilots will compare adding visuals to standard voice-only healthcare communications. We expect that visuals will promote greater understanding and better Triple Aim health outcomes, whether used by an automated IVR system or a live healthcare provider. Read more.

Visual Directory — a Holiday Gift

Give ChoiceView Visual Directory to delight callers who complain about hearing l-o-o-o-ng automated voice menus! ChoiceView Visual Directory is the gift of seeing for quicker, easier, and better business communications.

Callers can use ANY phone including a smartphone, standard mobile phone, landline, Skype, WebRTC or other VoIP service. The visuals are displayed on a smartphone, mobile device, PC, Mac, or tablet.

Callers select 'Directory' and are presented with a visual menu of options. They can see and hear a listing of departments or search for an employee with keyboard entry. When the party is located, the call is transferred, and the 'Voice with Visuals' live collaboration session continues.

It helps both callers and businesses efficiently complete more calls with greater satisfaction. Learn more and see it in action at 720-440-7560.

Webinar: Transform Customer Experience with Visual and Natural Language Technology

At a recent webinar, Theresa Szczurek explained ways to improve customer experience with visual technology. Other co-presenters from IBM and Interactions focused on using natural language. The new speech-related technologies may surprise you! See/hear the archived webinar.

Radish In the News

Everyone is talking about ChoiceView 'voice with visuals' communications including The Denver Post. See a full list of media coverage at Radish In the News and sign up for our blog.

Happy Holidays and Greetings for 2016!

Theresa Szczurek, CEO, and the Radish Team

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