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Do You Know What Your IVR Is Doing?

Morphed to Mobile. You know it's important to update your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) voice prompts, but you may not know that IVR technology has seriously morphed. The world has gone mobile. Over 79.1% of US mobile owners have smartphones and that percentage increases daily, especially as people realize they can complete many transactions on their phone.

Add Visual Information Exchange. To keep up with the mobile take-over, IVRs must be updated to be easier, faster, and more communicative. Callers don't have patience with older, slower, and often confusing voice-only instructions to press "5 for Billing" or whatever else.


A key way IVRs are changing is by adding the exchange of visual information. It's much quicker and easier to communicate using 'voice with visuals' than with voice-only menus and responses. To outshine their competitors and impress their callers, businesses are adding visual data to leverage "One picture is worth a thousand words!"

Envision the Outcome and Increase Satisfaction. See and hear the 'voice with visuals' solution at Radish Systems and learn more about what your IVR is doing. You can also listen to ChoiceView in action.

Use Case: Password Reset by Phone

Password reset is the most common task for tech support representatives. Sometimes customers can handle password reset at a website, but often they call. Now those calls can be handled by a ChoiceView Visual IVR. It's a way to deflect calls from support representatives and provide faster customer service.

The sequence below illustrates the use case. A customer calls your tech support line from her smartphone. Instead of listening to a long voice-only menu, she immediately selects the visual option and sees the difference. She first enters information to authenticate her account. Of course, it's easy to enter alphanumeric data with a visual interface. It's definitely not easy from a phone keypad. She then selects her location and language preference so visuals and voice will be presented in the language chosen. She selects Password Rest from the main menu and resets the password herself.

(Click image to see an enlarged view. On mobile devices users can pinch out or rotate.)


As a result, the support call is contained in the ChoiceView Visual IVR. Your company saves money and time since that call didn't route to a support representative. Your customer is happy to self serve and save time on a standard phone call to your company.

Why ChoiceView from Radish?

  • Radish provides a complete set of ChoiceView products and developer tools for visually enabling IVRs, contact centers and other systems — in a way that's compatible with your existing business infrastructure.
  • ChoiceView works with most all IVRs — both cloud and premises-based — with a script change only. You simply add ChoiceView REST API calls to your current IVR script and ChoiceView handles the rest.
  • Calls to your IVR can be regular dialed calls, Skype, WebRTC or Google Voice and callers don't need to have a pre-installed app.
  • Calls can be seamlessly transferred from your IVR to ChoiceView-equipped live agents for continued visual sharing.
  • The same ChoiceView visual IVR can operate without a phone call in 'chat with visuals' mode for enhanced chatbot and artificial intelligence use cases.
  • Contact center agents can use ChoiceView to visually interact with customers who call directly. Software developers can use the ChoiceView platform and tools to visually enable their own apps as well.
  • The ChoiceView approach is protected by multiple patents for creating secure data sessions in combination with phone calls and chat.

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